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Forbes, S. (2014). Butterflies of Semuliki National Park, Uganda. Antenna 38(2): 82-89.

Forbes, S. (2017). The ecology and conservation of a fruit-feeding butterfly assemblage in a Ugandan lowland rainforest. PhD, The Evolution and Ecology Research Group, School of Life Sciences. The University of Lincoln.

Forbes, S. (2018).The butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidia) of Semuliki National Park. Metamorphosis 29:14-21.

Social media


Semuliki National Park Butterflies page. New species record updates and relevant research material posted.

Semuliki National Park Butterflies private group. Posting of museum images and field images with information for each species.


Video of fruit-feeding butterfly trap, Semuliki National Park, Uganda.

Video of over 500 fruit-feeding butterflies in one trap at Semuliki National Park, Uganda.

The PhD research was generously supported by grants from: 
The Royal Entomological Society               and The Rufford Foundation


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