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Genus Brakefieldia: There are 13 species of this Afrotropical genus of which 4 are recorded in Uganda: B. peitho, B. ubenica, B. phaea and B. perspicua. 2 have so far been recorded at Semuliki; B. peitho and B. phaeaB. peitho was a commonly sampled species and site-specific, predominantly trapped at the Kirumya site. B. phaea was sampled only once, in the grassland.


Brakefieldia peitho (easily identified from the underside markings) 


Brakefieldia phaea (underside) 

Specific genus site links, references and bibliography:

Nymphalidae.Net provides a detailed taxonomic overview of the Subtribe Mycalesina. Subtribe Mycalesina (Wahlberg, N).

Williams, M.C., (2020). Genus Brakefieldia. A section of Afrotropical Butterflies (17th Edition). Publication is available from Lepidopterists' Society of Africa website

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