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E rattrayi.JPG

Euphaedra rattrayi.

B carshena.JPG

Bebearia carshena male.

C sangaris.JPG

Cymothoe sangaris male.


Euphaedra edwardsii male.

E medon.JPG

Euphaedra medon male.

Acraea alcinoe.

Acraea alcinoe.jpeg
B abesa.JPG

Bebearia abesa female, showing cryptic colouration.


Bebearia laetitioides feeding on banana bait.


Over 500 butterflies in a 24 hour sampling period.


Bicyclus vulgaris, B. mesogena and B. funebris.

Plate full of feeding Limenitidinae butterflies.

E medon.JPG

Euphaedra medon female, showing sexual dimorphism

A enotreaB. buea and B. procora.jpeg

A. enotrea, B. procora and B. buea.

B zonara and B laetitiodes.jpeg

Bebearia zonara female and Bebearia laetitioides male.

B golo.jpeg

Bicyclus golo mating.

E saphirina.jpeg

Euriphene saphirina female.

B cocalia.jpeg

Bebearia cocalia male.

E eleus.jpeg

Euphaedra eleus male.

B zonara.jpeg

Bebearia zonara male.

B sophus.jpeg

Bebearia sophus female.

C galenus.jpeg

Apallaga alluaudi.

E alacris.jpeg

Euphaedra alacris male.

Bebearia cocalia.jpeg

Bebearia cocalia female.

E atossa.JPG

Euriphene atossa male.

C egesta (2)-ink.jpeg

Cymothoe confusa female. 

Acraea lycoa.JPG
Junonia stygia.jpeg
Bicyclus hyperanthus.jpeg

Acraea lycoa male.

Junonia stygia.

Bicyclus hyperanthus.

Forest sounds with Bebearia and Euphaedra.

Bridge sign to DRC at Lamia river.


Semliki river view from Buranga Pass.

Park boundary with Semliki river and Blue mountains

of DRC in the distance.

Banda at Bumaga accommodation site by forest edge.


Justice preparing for a trip into the forest.

Joachim (4)-ink.jpeg

Joachim with friendly B. cocalia and E. medon.


Sampling at one of the two transects.


A feast at Joachim's house with his family.


Promoting insect conservation at local schools.


Up the Rwenzoris to the bat cave.


Justice sampling with project volunteers.

GirlsTrapPictures (1)-ink.jpeg
Edson (10)-ink.jpeg

Edson from Bundimasoli community undertaking training.

Sam (4)-ink.jpeg

Sam from Bundimasoli community undertaking training. 


Sampling transect with trap.

A canopy trap hung by Geoffrey.

Leopard spoor within an elephant footprint - close to Bumaga campsite

E. rattrayi, C. sangaris, B. carshena, A. alcinoe, B. laetitioides, E.medon, E. edwardsii and B. abesa. Images by Lydia Messerschmidt. Video by Lydia Messerschmidt.

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